Ways to Connect to the Car Stereo Through Smart Phone

Isn’t it fun to connect one’s smart phone to the car’s stereo? One can do a lot of activities like listening to music, hear to audio books and much more while driving. This can be done through various way. In the case of new cars, the stereo has built-in USB. Through the car stereo interface, one would be able to access the audio on the car’s system. Another way is to connect through the Auxiliary input. Through an auxiliary cable, it is possible to connect the aux input to the phone’s headphone jack. Auxiliary inputs have become a standard in the new cars. Want to go wireless? Then, try the Bluetooth option here autoradio GPS picture. If the car has Bluetooth provision, then it can be paired with the phone’s Bluetooth. Also, when the smartphone is inside the car, it gets automatically connected. Many stereo systems have built-in mics to take up hands-free calls. The other methods of connecting are through cassette adapters, FM transmitters and if not, then there are many stereos available in the market that has many latest features added to it.